Friday, 28 September 2012

Here we go again

On Monday I entered the Turkey Trot half marathon. Yes, really. When I filled in my details on line I did think 'what the hell am I doing!!' But over the past 2 weeks since the Great North Run I haven't really done much exercise and I feel like a sloth. I liked what running was doing to my body, I liked that I slept well every night and I liked the feeling of achievement when I finished a session.

So I'm going to do another one. This time it's personal, looking back at the GNR I think I could have shaved a couple of minutes off just by stopping moaning in the last 2 miles! (Flino would agree!!). I need something to focus on to stop me wittering about everything else. I've had a couple of weeks rest and now I'm back on it.

I'm on a train at the moment on the way back from a meeting in London. When I get home I'm going to run 4 miles. Even if it's raining.

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