Saturday, 11 August 2012

An off day

I've said before that running is like a roller coaster ride.  Today was the uphill climb without any of the exciting whizzy round bits!

I think Thursday night intervals combined with Wednesday's attempt at weightlifting had taken its toll on my legs.

I had to run for 95 minutes. I chose to do the run first thing as I'd enjoyed the other early starts and had things to do for the rest of the day. I got up at 6.30, drank a glass of water, did my stretches and trotted off down Kedleston Road. Rob had told me it should be an 'easy run' and not to worry about the pace. 

The first mile was slow as I waited for my heavy legs to start working. I ran through the city centre, which was a strange place to be at 7am on a Saturday morning and headed down towards the River Path at the back of the station. By the time I got to Alvaston Park at about 3.5 miles I was already finding it tough. 

I carried on towards Elvaston Castle, it was cloudy and strangely warm and the miles didn't seem to be ticking by as they had been last Saturday. I don't know if it was because I knew exactly where I was going or if it was down to a late night on Thursday but I just felt like there was no rhythm to my running and that my legs didn't want to work.

I ran through the castle grounds hoping the time was almost up so I could make it up the last half mile straight to my parents house but when I looked down at my watch I still had 20 minutes to go. I carried on towards Ambaston, doubled back on myself a couple of times and finally arrived at the welcome sight of Mum & Dad's house 1hr 34mins after I first started. 

These were my splits:

Mile 1 10.19
Mile 2 10.36
Mile 3 10.19
Mile 4 10.06
Mile 5 10.00
Mile 6 10.26
Mile 7 10.50
Mile 8 10.17
Mile 9 10.09
Mile 10 4.55 *half a mile

I had a fly in my eye during mile 7, that's the only excuse I can come up with for almost walking pace. The 1058 calories that my watch told me I'd burnt made me feel a little better but overall I didn't feel great. Flino assures me these off days are common and I need to persevere.

Thankfully the rest of today was great, lovely lunch with my friend & then I went to the park for an ice cream with my mum. Right now I'm sat on the sofa, drinking a beer and waiting to see if Mo can get gold in the 5000m. Tomorrow is a rest day and we're off to London to watch the Olympic Marathon - I wonder if they have off days?! 

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