Sunday, 5 August 2012

Perseverance & determination

Saturday 4th August - what a day, GB athletics team win 3 gold medals within 47 minutes and I run 8 miles before 8.30am.

I set my alarm for 6.30am, got up, did some stretching, drank a glass of water and was out of the door for just after 7am. I jogged down Queensway, over Ashbourne Road and then followed the cycle path through Mickleover Meadows. I've only been that way once before on my bike so the time seemed to pass quite quickly. I got to Station Road in Mickleover at 3 miles so carried on down the cycle path towards Etwall for a mile before turning round and heading back. 

I hadn't realised, until the way back, that the first half of the run had been more or less a steady incline. It meant that the 2nd half of the route seemed much easier even though it started to rain.

These were my splits:

Mile 1 10.19
Mile 2 10.43 * I was faffing about with my i-pod trying to find Deadmau5
Mile 3 10.33
Mile 4 10.34
Mile 5 9.58
Mile 6 10.16
Mile 7 10.03
Mile 8 9.41
Total calories 952

I felt good for most of the way round, I think running first thing in the morning agrees with me. I'm irritated by the fact that I don't run at a consistent pace but I guess that will come with more time. I think I could have carried on running for another couple of miles. I'm confident now that I can run the distance for the Great North Run (13.1 miles). It's all about increasing my pace so I can finish in under 2 hours. 

We had our Olympic BBQ in the afternoon, family and friends came over and despite the rain, we all managed to have fun. 

Chef Flino!

In the evening a group of us sat in front of the TV, cheering for Jess and Greg and hardly daring to breathe as Mo Farrah realised his dream of becoming the Olympic 10,000m champion. It was amazing to watch. My brother was actually at the stadium, I can't wait to hear about it.

I read this on Twitter earlier on today:
Beijing 2008: Ennis at home injured, Rutherford scrapes 10th place, Farrah out in the heats.
London 2012: perseverance & determination. 

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