Monday, 13 August 2012

Post Olympic Blues

Week 6 of the training plan has been crossed off the list & over the last 7 days I ran almost 20 miles. I think that's a record for me.

We went to London yesterday to watch the men's marathon. We found a really good spot in Westminster where the race passed us 4 times, 1 mile, 9 miles, 17 miles and 25 miles. The first time the race passed us it was just a blur of runners packed together but by 9 miles they had started to spread out. At 17 miles there was a lone Kenyan out in front and I thought the race had been decided but at 25 miles Kiprotich, Kirui and Kipsang Kiprotich were grouped together. The Ugandan Kiprotich won in 2.08. 2.08 - I could probably just manage 13 miles in the time he ran 26!!

Flino enjoying the sunshine
The atmosphere was amazing and the crowd cheered especially loud for the 2 GB runners. I was so pleased to have gone, after watching so much of the Games on TV I just wanted to experience a small part of it. I'm genuinely sad that it's over. What an amazing show our country has put on over the past 17 days, 65 medals, 29 golds. Imagine the hard work, effort, determination, perseverance, sweat, tears and dreams. Imagine how they feel today.

I ran 3.5 miles this morning, just around the park. It was good to get my legs moving after Saturday's long run. I might have even enjoyed running this morning! 

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