Sunday, 19 August 2012

Talk to Frank.

Everyone, meet Frank. He's a new addition to our house!

He's a 9 week old Boxer.Not old enough to leave the house yet but old enough to have worn me out. We had chosen him earlier in the week and went to collect him on Friday evening. Since then everything has been a bit of a blur.

I went out on Thursday night, suffice to say cocktails and training do not mix. I woke up on Friday morning grumpy and dehydrated. I missed my PT session and was annoyed with myself for most of the day. I had a great night out but it would have been better for me if I had left at midnight instead of thinking I was 18 again and staying out until 2am. This is always my problem. You think I would have learnt by now.

One good thing about Friday was my appointment with Katherine. She is a massage therapist and an hour spent with her is always well worth the money. She has magic hands and whilst someone stretching out your soleus muscles might not always be comfortable, you feel great afterwards.

So having a new puppy in the house has been a huge learning curve. We've not had much sleep. On my training plan for this weekend was either a long run of 1hr 40 mins or a 10k 'race'. I opted to do the race this morning as on Saturday morning I'd had roughly 4 hours sleep.

This morning at 6am, after about 5 hours sleep, I forced myself out of bed, fed Frank and then jogged off to the River Path. The aim was to to see if I could beat my last time of 58.08.

After a mile warm up I reset my watch and increased my pace. I felt surprisingly good despite the lack of sleep and no breakfast. I tried to only look at my watch when it beeped every mile. These were my splits:

Mile 1 9.13
Mile 2 9.25
Mile 3 9.14
Mile 4 9.13
Mile 5 9.20
Mile 6 8.58
Mile 7 2.18 *0.25 of a mile

My total time was 57.41  - just a little quicker than last time and it didn't seem so painful. I was pleased with my efforts and thought that in a real race I might have even managed a little faster.

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