Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Get on your bike....

Tuesday went sort of like this - 

Get up
Cycle to work  - loads of roadworks at the moment so I thought it would be quicker to cycle. I was right, 14 minutes door to door!
Cycle home - it was hot
Eat some fish pie - this was a highlight, I'd made it the day before and it's event better when it's leftover.
Cycle to running club - still hot.
Attempt to run at 9 minute miles - fail miserably for the first 3 miles as it was all uphill.

By this point I was miserable. I generally hate hills. I hate the effort, I hate the way my legs won't work, I hate that I want to stop and I hate that I can't run faster! I was meant to be doing 50 minutes at 9 - 9.15 minute mile pace. The first 3 miles I was averaging 10.20 pace. Fortunately for me, another one of the Hoops offered to run with me for the last 3 miles. I was so grateful as by this point I was beginning to feel like I'd failed at my session.

We split off from the main group and ran on the road for the last miles - average pace 9.20. Much better. It was hard to keep going after the hilly start but I was pleased when I finished. This is why a running club is great, there are always people that will help & support you, dig you out of the sticky patch and motivate you to keep going. I even managed to get on the bike and cycle up the hill to go home! 

Today was a rest day, I cycled to and from work, went to see a man about a dog * and had chips for my tea. Perfect.

* Yes, an actual dog, watch this space!

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