Friday, 3 August 2012

Rest Day

Our interval session last night was good. We did 6 lots of 90 second sprints with 1 minute walk recovery between each one. It was hard work and my thighs were burning on the last couple of reps. Everyone in the group said they'd 'enjoyed' the different effort you have to put into intervals and we all agreed that it's much easier to do that kind of session when there are a few of you. You can focus on other people in the group and can motivate each other. There's also less chance of you just giving up or slowing down when there are other people around!

As planned, I went out after the session. We went to Fat Cats in Derby, it's great on a Thursday night, 2 courses and a cocktail for £11.95 and then other cocktails are 2 for 1. My favourite is a classic Cosmopolitan:

Lemon vodka
Cranberry juice
Fresh lime juice
Classic Cosmo

I made sure that I drank a lot of water between cocktails and felt ok when I woke up this morning.

I really think the past few weeks of not drinking alcohol at all, have helped me train consistently and of course, it's much easier to get up early and run if you've not had a drink. Saying all that, we're having an Olympic BBQ party tomorrow and there will definitely be a few beers involved!

Today is a rest day, the weather isn't great, I've done all my jobs and I am actually going to sit on the sofa and watch the Olympics.

Tomorrow morning is my furthest run yet - 8 miles. I'm planning on going out early, around 7am. I've planned my route and have made sure there are a couple of hills included. Once that's out of the way I can enjoy what should be one of the greatest Saturdays ever for athletics. Can't wait!

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