Saturday, 14 July 2012

3 Good Things

In the words of the infamous Ice Cube - Today was a Good Day.

Got up at 7am, ran 5 miles with my sister. It didn't rain, my legs didn't hurt and I felt ok. I even managed to hold a conversation for some of the way round. Admittedly we weren't running particularly fast. I need to do something about my breathing, as soon as I start to have to 'work' I begin to sound like Darth Vader. I have to really concentrate on keeping my shoulders relaxed or they end up somewhere round my ears (this isn't just a running issue, my shoulders instantly tighten up as soon as I'm stressed or uptight).

I got home & ticked the last of this week's sessions off my plan. 16 miles this week. Done by 7.50am on Saturday. Not bad.

Then it was time for the spa. After some winding roads & avoiding a few sheep, we arrived. This morning I sat in an outdoor hot tub looking at a perfect view of Win Hill. It felt like I was on holiday.

The lunch was amazing, I wasn't expecting such great food & was glad I'd done the 5 miles. I had:

Leek & herb sausages on basil mash.
Dark chocolate delice with a salted caramel centre.

After lunch I had a massage & a manicure. Perfect way to spend a day with my mum & sister.

My husband is out this evening, I've got the sofa to myself. I'm watching The Hollow Crown on the iplayer, eating leftover curry and drinking Redbush tea. And I'm really happy. Amazing what some sunshine, a hot tub & ticking things off a list can do.

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