Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The little things

I paid attention to what I'd written yesterday and made sure I'd eaten enough during the day and had drank plenty of water.

Cornflakes with banana

Small packet of pretzels

Chicken flatbread
Fruit Salad
Decaf Tea

Dried Apricots
Bottle of water

It definitely made a difference as I felt ready to run by the time I'd got back from work. I was almost looking forward to it after a 3 hour drive home from a meeting.

Tuesday night is Derwent Runners club night. We have 3 different groups, 4 miles, 6 miles and fast 6 miles. I always run in the 4 mile group. The speed suits my pace. I've tried the 6 mile group a couple of times but am usually left at the back struggling to get up the hills!

I did the 4 miles tonight, it was quite warm when we started running - 28 degrees still at 7pm but I felt ok. There were a couple of hills that usually make me do the Darth Vader breathing but tonight I managed to run up them & have a conversation as well. I know I'm not noticeably faster or thinner yet but it's little things like this that are spurring me on at the moment.

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