Friday, 13 July 2012

Anyone for Ugali?

To continue on the theme of yesterday, I've been thinking about food today. People who know me will not be surprised.

A comment on Facebook this morning started me off, someone jokingly commented Not sure you should be posting pictures of trainers and starting sentences with 'What I eat " and that got me thinking that for a lot of people exercise and NOT eating are intrinsically linked. For me, there's nothing better than finishing a session at the gym or a run, coming home & eating my breakfast / lunch / dinner. It stops the guilt when I decide to have chips. Don't get me wrong, I'm as obsessed as the next 30 something year old woman when it comes to the size of my jeans. I've tried diets, for about a day. Exercise is the only thing that's ever made me any thinner.

I'm not meant to be running today, my legs hurt this morning when I got out of bed & I feel tired. 5 miles tomorrow. My sister (who was once on the cover of a running magazine) is visiting this weekend, we are taking our mum to a spa in the Peak District so I'd really like to get the 5 miles out of the way before relaxing. This means another early run. The Kenyans at the Iten training camp get up every day at 5am to run. They sometimes run three times a day. I feel like a hero if I manage more than 3 runs in a week. The Kenyans also eat a lot of vegetables with this stuff called ugali. So this afternoon I have made a vegetable curry. And I'll be eating it later with rice, chapatti and popadoms. But still no beer.

Not quite Ugali....

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