Thursday, 5 July 2012

A day you're too busy?

I did it! Went to the pub & didn't drink. Didn't win the quiz either - name the last 5 presenters of the Antique Roadshow? Peakey surprised us all with her knowledge of that programme.

On the cards today - 3 miles. What's that - half an hour? So why do I feel like I've had to plan & organise my day just to fit it in. I don't have a car & had planned to go to my friends house for tea so I had 2 options, get up early and run before work or get up early, take my husband (Flino) to work so that I could have the car and then I can run after work & go to my friends for tea. Either way getting up early was hard,after not going to bed until nearly midnight after the pub quiz. I'm usually in bed with a cup of chamomile tea at 10pm!

I've got the car, I'm at work and I'm planning to run when I've finished work & then go and eat chilli with the girls (added bonus that I don't have to make my own dinner again).

You have to be organised to run, it means thinking about finding a gap in your day. My brother has a poster in his shop that says 'The day you're too busy to run is a day you're too busy'. I'm going to keep repeating that over the next 10 weeks. It might help.

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