Friday, 6 July 2012

I'm sprinting in the rain

I don't work on a Friday (or a Monday - more on that another time) so I usually have a PT session at 9am. Most Fridays I walk there, do my session and stumble back home cursing Rich for making me do burpees or bear crawls or other ridiculous tasks.

Today we were planning to do some sprints outside. There was an actual monsoon. We still did the sprints. 4x800m (ish). Bear in mind a 'sprint' for me is something I've only ever done if I'm late for the bus. Half way through the session I felt like a rung out dishcloth but when we finished I felt like a warrior. 

When I'm running fast (for me) I struggle to breathe, I sound like I'm about to pass out. My shoulders tense up and I start panicking that I'm never going to get to the end. Then I start to slow down as a result which makes it all worse. In general I'm a worrier, I worry about unnecessary things and it makes me stressed so then I worry more. It drives me insane; I know I'm doing it and I can't stop it. Today when I was running, for a couple of seconds I thought about my breathing, I made myself breathe in and out properly and then I relaxed and I managed to run just a little bit faster at the end.  It felt like I was almost in control.

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