Thursday, 12 July 2012

The dinner of kings

I had a good day today, my friend made a good decision which has made her happier, I had a productive meeting in Northampton this afternoon and I ran 4 miles, 2 of them at 9 minute mile pace.

I wasn't sure how I was going to do the 2 quicker miles, so I put a post on the Derwent Runners facebook page to see if anyone would run with me and sure enough Caine obliged. I needed someone to run those 2 miles with me, it's not a long way but I needed someone to tell me how fast I was going and to keep me running at the same pace. I've not crossed the 'technology' line yet with my training. I should probably get one of those watches. But I don't want to become obsessed with pace. Can you get quicker without one though?

I ran a mile down to the park to meet Caine and then we started the two mile stretch at a faster pace. The first mile was ok, the first half of the second mile was harder and the last half a mile was a challenge. 18 minutes later I'd done the 2 miles. After a little walk to get my breath back, I jogged home thinking about running 13 miles at roughly that pace. I've got another 10 weeks though so I'm not dwelling on that thought.

Right now I'm going to eat one of my favourite dinners - baked potato, fish fingers and beans - the dinner of kings. The potato has to be done in the oven though, no microwave. Crispy skin is essential. The fish fingers - cheaper the better - also cooked in the oven. The beans, I'm a Heinz girl and they have to be heated up in a pan. All this running makes me permanently hungry.

Friday's challenge - going to the Beer Festival without drinking alcohol. I think I can do it. After sprints in the monsoon last Friday anything is possible.

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