Tuesday, 3 July 2012

3 miles & a stir fry

The title sort of gives it away really. I did 3 miles in the rain, came home & ate stir fry.

I didn't go to running club because I knew that if I waited for an hour from when I got home I would think of a million reasons not to run. So I put my kit on as soon as I got home and went. My husband ran with me. This doesn't happen very often because a.) he is much faster than me & b.) he is much faster than me. But we ran 3 miles together in the rain. And then he made the stir fry. Maybe this alone is a reason to run more often?

I can't touch my toes. I found this out when I was attempting to stretch my hamstrings after running. So I'll add this to the list of Things I Need To Do, on the list so far:
Stick to my training plan.
Not drink alcohol until the start of the Olympics.
Stretch after running so I can touch my toes.
Eat properly (I'm working on this).

I like a good list. I make them for everything. I like ticking things off. I think in life there are 2 kinds of people, those who make lists and those who don't. Are there those that like running & those that don't? Or are there just people who run & people who don't? Will I ever be someone that 'likes' running?

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