Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Needles

I didn't run yesterday. I thought after my herculean effort on Sunday I needed a rest even though there was a 35 minute run on the schedule. 

I regretted that tonight. I was meant to do 4 miles. 1 mile warm up then 3 miles at 9 - 9.15 minute mile pace.
Mile 1 - no problem, legs felt heavy but I thought I'd give them a mile to warm up. 
Mile 2 - sped up, most of it was downhill so it felt ok. 
Mile 3 - legs wouldn't work, couldn't really get above 9.30. 
Mile 4 - ridiculous, my calves felt like iron and I was struggling towards the end.

Perhaps I should have done the 35 minutes yesterday and got the pain out of the way? Would it have hurt more? I've heard about 'recovery' runs and always thought they sounded like a waste of time. I should have listened to Bobby!

I had an acupuncture session today. I talked to Joby about my tight shoulders and darth vader breathing when I run. She suggested I try some Tai Chi and showed me a basic move that would help to 'centre' my energy. I thought about it tonight when I was running and tried to keep my core straight and strong. I'm really interested in acupuncture and alternative therapies. I've been having sessions with Joby for over a year and have become more and more interested in it. It doesn't hurt, the needles are tiny and I get to lie still for 45 minutes!

We're decorating at the moment, today I painted a ceiling. Twice. I've never really decorated before now. It's hard work, you have to think about what your doing before you do it, you can't just rock up, splash some paint about and expect your room to look great. It's the tiny details that are important. But today, I painted a ceiling, twice and am pretty pleased with the results.

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