Monday, 9 July 2012

Witness the Fitness

I love Mondays. Start of a new week, a good day to start things, a day of good intentions. Did I mention I don't work on a Monday? I like my job but it's great not having to go to work on a Monday!

I wrote a list this morning, last thing on the list - 3 mile run. I put it off for as long as I could by doing mundane, necessary jobs in the house - washing - running creates washing, silly little socks, shorts with built in pants that get tangled up & t-shirts of races that Flino's ran. When it got to lunchtime I'd run out of excuses & I decided to just get it done.

I ran with my headphones & i-pod today. I felt like I needed some company on my run. This is what I listened to -

Bring the Noise - Public Enemy
Bang Bang You're Dead - Dirty Pretty Things
Breaking Down - Florence & the Machine
FML - Deadmau5
Witness - Roots Manuva
Alive - Pearl Jam
Please Please Please  - The Smiths

It wasn't too hot, it didn't rain and it's one more run ticked of the list. A woman with a dog ran past me in the park. She smiles and waved - acknowledging me as another runner. That made me smile. We booked our hotel for the Great North Run weekend last night. Non refundable. Can't back out now.

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