Thursday, 5 July 2012

What did Seb Coe have for dinner?

I ran after work, it was hot, I was tired, my legs felt like they didn't want to move but I had my new kit on (orange Nike since you asked) and I kept going even though I wanted to walk.

My brother had emailed me a training schedule to follow today. I had a quick look but couldn't bring myself to study it in great detail in case it put me off. For the full 30 minutes of my run tonight I was thinking about it, wondering how I'd feel if I actually did every session on there, if it would get easier, if I'd start to actually enjoy it. Well maybe not the full 30 minutes, I also thought about my dinner. I think about eating all the time, what I've eaten, what I'm going to eat, what I shouldn't eat, what I should eat more of.... it makes no difference, I love eating!

There's so much information on what 'runners' should & shouldn't eat. Carbs are good, more protein is better, don't eat salt, make sure you eat some salt or you get cramp, drink loads of water, don't drink caffeine, drink a coffee before you train -  I wonder what Seb Coe ate when he won his Olympic title? Do you really need to know all this 'stuff', can't you just put your trainers on and start running?

I ate nachos, chili and rice followed by a chocolate eclair at my friends house & it was great. (Didn't have the Pimms though!)

I've got a PT Session tomorrow at 9am. Rich has been my PT for about 3 years. He's a great motivator and the sessions are never the same. Some people think having a PT means you're lazy and need to be told what to do in order to exercise. In my case they're probably right!

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