Monday, 2 July 2012

Hangover Hill Sprints

Nothing like jumping in at the deep end... so after a weekend filled with junk food, alcohol and late nights I ran up & down a hill 6 times and was almost sick in a bush.

More details? I do some running, I've dabbled with running on & off for about 10 years. I always have good intentions but seem to have little staying power and then I get bored. I can always come up with an excuse not to run.

This time though I am determined. I am going to stick to a training programme and I am going to do the Great North Run in September feeling as though I am prepared.

This blog is going to help me to do this. This is week one and this is my plan:

Tues 3 miles
Thurs 3 miles
Sat 3 miles
Sun 5 miles

Other info...I am always surrounded by runners, my brother owns a running shop, my sister is a runner, my husband is a runner, lots of my friends run. So in theory I should be able to run. I like exercise. I try & train once a week with Rich from Results Conditioning ( god only knows how he puts up with me moaning!). I'm a member of a running club - the fantastic Derwent Runners. I just don't like running much. Probably because I just don't do it enough.

3 miles tomorrow? Can't wait. 

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