Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Top 3 things

Inspired by a comment at work today here's my Top 3 Things about running:

1. Stress reduction - Gives you time to think (or forget) about your day
2. Health - Keeps me moving and gets me outside
3. Social - I've met some great friends through Derwent Runners

I'm a Libra and like to be balanced so these are the Bottom 3 Things about running:

1. Washing  - there is always dirty kit to be washed
2. Effort - it's easier to lie on the sofa watching TV
3. All encompassing - it's easy to become obsessed and turn into a running bore!

I did my 3 miles today that I should have done on Monday. I ran home from work. My calves hurt. It was a nice day. My watch told me I'd run my fastest mile yet.

I did 20 minutes of stretching when I got home. Then ate chips for my tea. Like I said, being a Libra means I like to balance in my life.....

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