Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Too busy

Today was a day when I was too busy. I had to go to Fareham for a meeting with work, this invovled getting up at 6, driving to Fareham, having a 3.5 hour (productive) meeting and then driving home & getting stuck in load of traffic. Result - I got home after 7pm, tired, hungry and still needing to catch up on a few emails.

In the past I would let this mess up my training schedule, I'd miss the run out, tell myself it doesn't matter and then later in the week I'd think, well I've not done that run so maybe I'll start again on Monday. But I can't this time. So I'm having my tea, an early night and I'm planning on running 3 miles before work tomorrow. Tomorrow is a rest day on the schedule - I'm not missing today's run - merely postponing it.

In other news, I learnt a good lesson today. I judge people too quickly. I need to stop. I shall add it to my list:

Stick to my training plan - all good so far
Not drink alcohol until the start of the Olympics - as the above
Stretch after running so I can touch my toes - still stretching, not touching toes yet
Eat properly - just about to make salmon & potato salad
Be less judgemental

That last one, tougher than running??

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